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Vesuvio, Pompei, ancient temples


Casa Elisabetta’s strategic position between mountains and not far away from beaches, makes it perfect to experience Campania in all its facets, discovering the breathtaking scenery, amazing wonders and local food of both mountain and coastal areas!

Our apartments are roughly a 1 hour drive from beautiful beaches and all the most famous attractions in Campania (Amalfi and Cilento Coast, Pompei, Naples, Paestum and Royal Palace of Caserta). 

For more info do not hesitate to contact us.

Greek temples in Paestum
Amalfi coast
Royal palace of Caserta
Ancient abbay near Caposele
Beach on Cilento Coast
Zipline in Trentinara
Alburni mountains
Bell of Saint Michele cave near Caposele
Calore river
Mountains near Caposele
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