Where We Are

Welcome to the "Italian Ireland"
Our apartments are located in Caposele, in an area called Irpinia. Caposele is a small village surrounded by mountains, hills, water springs and cultivated fields.
Irpinia is the green heart of the Campania region (Southern Italy) and it's also known as the "Italian Ireland": endless panoramas, the wind blowing over the ridges, pure water springs and flocks of sheeps at pasture give a Celtic feeling to it.
Inspiring journey

Caposele is famous for the water springs of the Sele River

and the Sanctuary of Saint Gerardo.


Following the Sele River course it is possible to discover  ancient castlesghost villages and wonders of the past

It's also possible to experience exciting outdoor activities and adventures into the wild (hiking, rafting, zipline).

Ideal base to explore Campania
You can easily reach the most famous attractions in Campania (Amalfi and Cilento Coast, Pompei, Neaples, Paestum and Royal Palace of Caserta) just travelling about one hour from the apartments. 
Local taste
Food and wine are essential to experience the local culture.
The naturalness of the local products derives from the work of small breeders and farmers who follow traditional methods both in the cultivation and processing of the products.
How to reach us

Caposele is about 100 km from the International Airport of Napoli-Capodichino and about 70 km from the Train Station of Salerno. 

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