Heading 6

The Villa

Casa Elisabetta is a two-story villa full of charm, located in a quiet area within walking distance of the village. The villa, unparalleled in the whole region for its location on top of a giant rock, is surrounded by fruit trees, prickly pears and ancient olive trees. Once all this was part of the farm of our grandmother Elisabetta. 

The apartments, located in this unique villa, have independent and separate entrances on opposite sides such as to guarantee privacy. The villa is surrounded by an idyllic landscape of wonderful mountains, cultivated fields, churches and bell towers that with the pleasant sound of their bells revive the magical atmosphere of old times.
At the entrance of the villa, there is a private parking free of charge for the whole stay. 


Inspirational Atmosphere

The minimalist and functional style of the interiors creates an atmosphere inspired by the relationship with nature and its exploration through various outdoor activities.




The swimming pool, for the exclusive use of the Bikers Camp apartment, is perfect for refreshing body and mind, enjoying the view and the sun in complete relaxation.

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In this evocative setting, enjoying a dinner under the stars, drinking a glass of wine or even just chatting are truly unforgettable experiences.




All apartments have a panoramic terrace and balcony that offer fantastic views of the village, mountains and Sele Valley.​

yoga garden



The solemnity of the trees and the tranquility of the place create an almost mystical atmosphere, ideal for practicing yoga, reading a good book or relaxing in comfortable hammocks.

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A variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits are available for our guests, who can thus collect and enjoy fresh, tasty and healthy "0 km" food products.