Outdoor Activities

Are you looking for some outdoor vibes? Well, staying at our apartments also means getting inspired and reconnected to nature through outdoor experiences.

Fun, adventure, sensorial involvement, challenges in nature are the way to find physical and mental wellbeing as well as to increase sociability and respect for people and things. In few words to become a better and happier person! 

Just stepping out of our apartments you can enjoy exciting outdoor experiences like hiking, river trekking, mountain biking or climbing. If you prefer to relax all your senses on the spot, you can also practice yoga or meditation immersed in the ancient olive tree grove (yoga garden) surrounding our villa.


For more info do not hesitate to contact us.

Mountains of Caposele
Hiking near Caposele
River trekking in Caposele
Bike tour around Caposele
Mountain biking on Caposele mountains
Tibetan bridge near Caposele
Hiking on Caposele mountains
Saint Michele cave near Caposele
Climbing in Caposle
Relax at ancient olive tree garden
River trekking in Caposele
Hiking near Caposele
Mountain biking
Hiking on Caposele mountain
Hiking on Caposele mountain
Climbing in Caposele
Sele river in Caposele
Hiking near Caposele
Yoga garden
Sunset near Caposele
Sunset from the villa
Biking around Caposele