About Us

Hi! I'm Pasquale the one who manages Casa Elisabetta together with my brother Sandro. We are outdoor professionals, a qualified hiking guide (me) and a qualified mountain bike guide (Sandro). We both are also climbing enthusiasts and we like to enjoy nature in all its aspects to find physical and mental wellbeing!

The idea behind Casa Elisabetta was born in 2016 after we had hosted in our village friends from all over the world, but especially from Sweden where we partly live. Sharing with them our culture, experiencing together adventures in nature, and visiting the famous attractions of Campania turned to be a unique experience that gave us all so much happiness and inspiration. At that point, after quitting my "secure job" as a pharmacist, we thought it was time to do what really made us thrilled and happy:

host and meet other people who are interested like us in reconnecting with nature and eager to discover the culture and traditions of our territory.

Welcome to Casa Elisabetta...